Cloudflare CDN on my domain

My Cloudflare is not even activated on my domain but the stats and analytics shows 24 unique visitors. How is this possible?

And How long does it take for the nameservers to propagate

Lucky guesses? If the domain is active on your account, I expect Cloudflare will respond to requests.

Name Server propagation takes up to 48 hours.

But it is not even 48 hours and my domain is not even accessible. How come I get 24 unique visitors if the website is not being served on the browser

What’s the domain?

Looks like word’s gotten out:

Does it mean it is properly propagated?

The name servers have, but the site is not responding. It’s timing out with a 522.

How do I check that in the .htaccess files

Look for Allow or Deny statements. If you’re not sure, then .htaccess is probably not the problem.

What would be the possible problem then?

As the tip says, check with your host. One datapoint would be to set those DNS entries to :grey: (and wait 5 minutes for DNS propagation) and see if the site works with HTTPS.

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