Cloudflare CDN not working


A week or so ago I activated Cloudflare (free plan) on our wordpress website (hosted by Dreamhost) - - and I do not think that the CDN is working. At least it hasn’t changed our load times, and on a number of ‘speed test’ or CDN checker sites state that the site does not have one.

In the backend everything looks to be turned on - the site is certainly active via the Cloudflare DNS servers. I even set a page rule to add ‘cache everything’, and I don’t believe this is working.

Would greatly appreciate any input - I’m sure it’s just something simple I haven’t set up properly.


Cloudflare is not a CDN but a caching proxy.

Your site loads fine, a bit slow though, however thats not because of Cloudflare but because of your server and the initial page load. You simply need to optimise that bit.

Thanks Sandro. I’m certainly looking into what else I can do to improve page load time.

I understand Cloudflare works largely as a caching proxy, but “Global CDN” is the second listed feature of the Cloudflare plan. Is this not the case?

Thanks, Chris

Good point. A CDN is typically a dedicated service where you outsource certain files. In Cloudflare’s case you proxy your entire site and it caches several but not all resources. The CDN-like quality comes from the fact that Cloudflare has a globally anycasted network where requests do not hit one server but usually the one closest to each visitor.

Cool, thanks for your response!

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