Cloudflare CDN not working on some networks

So I activated Cloudflare on my hostinger hosted website, i checked dns and namservers everything seems normal.
But when i connect to cellular website doesn’t work

Some more details would be helpful…I don’t see any active zones (site/domain) in your account

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I removed it because it was causing issues for clients, ill add it now

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i added the website

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It works great for me on mobile and on desktop; wifi and cellular. I’d clear cache & cookies.

I tested on an android on AT&T using chrome.

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i replicated the issue, now it works on proxysite and wifi but not on cellular

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i cleared cache and used incognito, same issue

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my friend lives in another city, same providor like at&t both of us but in my current city it doesnt work and for him it does

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Testing and cannot get it to fail, suspect something very local. This sounds similar to Failure to load, but only on mobile phones over mobile networks with Cloudflare proxy - #3 but that case is really corner case and suspect not your root cause.

Are you getting an nxdomain error on the mobile network? If so, this discussion is similar, Getting "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN" with mobile operator internet

Or, are you getting a too many redirects error?

I’d checked propagation earlier and it was in process / mixed results, that is still the case. You can track that here DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool

This sounds really similar to this timeout discussion, I get ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

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Hmmm… can’t reach this page

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It’s worth getting in queue with your ISP to see if they can shed any light on why this is failing for you in your location but is successful for others on the same mobile operator in different locations.

does ipv6 make issues in dns records?

and it loaded just fine with a VPN


Update: it doesnt work on wifi too

It may if your hosting provider is blocking access by the ip that is trying to reach your site.

Can you run a % traceroute from a device on your mobile network, your wifi, and the VPN and share the three letter code for the line colo for each? replace with your domain and share that here to get more :eyes: on it if you can.


The command isnt working and can you explain what you mean here : and share the three letter code for the line colo for each

No, IPv6 doesn’t make issues in DNS records.

However, given that IPv4 and IPv6 are two different IP protocols, there could be temporary connectivity issues that affects e.g. IPv4, but not IPv6, or vice versa.

Most browsers these days should however be able to detect that, and failover accordingly, as long as just one of the protocols works fine.

If you can, you can try looking up the IP addresses that your network is being served with (e.g. dig on Linux, nslookup on Windows), and then run some traceroute (Linux) or tracert (Windows) towards each individual IPv4 and IPv6 address retrieved.

That would be able to let you see where and how the connectivity might be failing for the individual IPv4/IPv6 addresses.

It could also be your ISP that is blocking individual Cloudflare IP addresses, as an attempt to block certain websites.

You’re just confirming more and more that Cloudflare works perfectly fine.

And that you’re likely left with one single option:



problem is they are different ISPs cellular and wifi

and is there any other way than contacting isp, like getting a cloudflare plan with different ips, because in iraq its hard to reach the ISP

The part you deleted where you said it was now working on the one but not the other, …

Have recently made changes to your DNS records, or been switching the Proxy status between the Proxied (:orange:) and Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only settings?

You can always purchase a Pro, Business or Enterprise plan, but doing so won’t guarantee that it will fix the underlying issues.

If there are issues within your ISP, obviously your ISP would be the only ones with the power to remediate them.