Cloudflare CDN isn't speeding up my website Server Response time

Good day,

I wish to ask if I have use Cloudflare CDN correctly to improve my website thaigood4u .com server response time. Since I start using Cloudflare CDN, somehow the website speed is only a bit slower than before… I even already purchase the Argo as well, and the speed isn’t changing.

Before I start using Cloudflare the server response time is about 2.8s but now its above 3.5

(I can’t post the screenshot, since I’m new user I only can post one media… I use the “Inspect” web at the monitor,to see my thaigood4u server response time)

I even use keyCDN test, and the test result is still the same. They all are this difference; this just proves that I haven’t use Cloudflare CDN correctly.

I was wondering if there is some setup that I need to do, to use the CDN correctly…

Thank you for your time to read and your support.

Hi, I ran your site through Terminal on a Mac with this command:
curl -svo /dev/null [url]

and it returned some code that confirms your site is on Cloudflare, but not to the cache.
< cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC

The above states that the cache is dynamic and not caching correctly on Cloudflare. Can you confirm that you have set the A records for your site to be running through the Orange Proxy Servers?


Hey James,

Thanks for the response! How do I confirm my A record run through the Orange Proxy Server?

Have you added your domain to Cloudflare, because I don’t recognise the screenshot. If you look at the DNS settings in your Cloudflare account, you’ll see the orange proxy server logo. I’ve taken a screenshot of my account, so you can see what to look for.
Let me know when you’ve done that.

Hi james, my apologies for the late respond again. and yes I have add my domain to the cloudflare of course. Here’s the screenshot:

Hi, I can see that your site is caching on several images I looked at. Have a look at the attached image that shows the page speed of thaigood4u com/category/food/.

Try this command in a Terminal window: curl -svo /dev/null https:// [and put the link to any image on your site in here]

To compare, you should switch off the Cloudflare CDN and run a test, then try it again, with the CDN switched back on. This will give you an idea of how the CDN is helping.

But, from what I can see, the site is correctly cached on Cloudflare.


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Oh yes James, I test it with keyCDN again. and both location has great speed! I supposed it takes time more than 1 week to fully perform it? I’m not sure about the cache tho

Hi Edbert, Yes, it takes time to let the cache build up, but what were the timings of your speed tests when you had the CDN on, then off?
Also, have you switched on the following:

  • Auto minify, html, javascript and css
  • Brotli compression
  • Early hints
  • and Rocket Loader
    Each of these will help speed up your site.

This is the second time I post this that my CDN isn’t speeding up the server. I use cloudflare to optimize the server response time by Reduce the server distance from my origin server. However, its been 2 month I use cloudflare but I think its not using well.

The fact is I’m located at Indonesia the server response time only takes about 1.07 second:

while my client that located at Thailand takes about 2.41 second, here’s his screenshot:

I thought cloudflare has hunddreds CDN available for users to use, what was the problem about this? Please help, thank you in advanced…

its been a week, but no response

I’ve noticed a couple of areas where improvements could enhance your website’s performance:

  1. It appears that you’re using Namecheap web hosting. While brand names aren’t always critical, shared web hosting can sometimes be slow. For a faster experience, I recommend considering a Cloud VPS provider like UpCloud, VULTR High Frequency, or DigitalOcean, choosing a server location that aligns with your target audience.
  2. Your website currently doesn’t seem to utilize Cloudflare’s HTML caching, which can impact Time to First Byte (TTFB) and overall speed. To address this, I suggest exploring Cloudflare’s Automatic Platform Optimization (APO) with the Cloudflare Plugin, as it may significantly improve your site’s performance.

Hello, thank you for your information… but now it pops another question. How come my sites doesn’t utilize the Cloudflare caching…? Does this mean my sites isn’t corporate with the CDN as well? How to fix this…? what was the problem?!

By default Cloudflare only cache static files, not HTML which can makes big difference to the page load time. Many page speed testing tool will complaint about increased TTFB / slow server response time. You can resolve this problem by caching HTML using the APO services that comes at USD 5/mo. You can configure it manually as well but I think that would require some technical knowledge. So the easiest way is using APO and Cloudflare Official plugin.


Might want to read Improving Time To First Byte (TTFB) With Cloudflare

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