Cloudflare CDN is suitable for low traffic web/app?

Thanks for reading in advance

I read some article that the low traffic web/app(low number of visitors) is not suitable for Cloudflare cdn due to the reverse proxy

My web/app is not yet published which means start-up platform(low traffic). Does Cloudflare cdn will helpful? I am willing to use paid service plan with image/video stream service

I do ask for kind help . Thanks again

It won’t hurt anything but if you’re just getting a few visitors per day the caching functionality is unlikely to offer much benefit. Assets have to be requested by a visitor in order to be cached, and files that are infrequently requested are unlikely to be held in cache for long. Other Cloudflare features may be useful to you though. And the caching will become more useful as traffic increases.


Deeply thank you so much for kind answer.
May i ask lastly? I do need your kind help, please…!!!

There is image&stream cdn bundle service in Cloudflare. May i ask this service also will be not that helpful for low traffic web/app?

And therr are 3 plans which are free and 70usd and 200usd. I am wondering if i use 200usd service than my app performance will be improved even i have low traffic as i just published the app

May i ask last question please ?

Thank you so much again !

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