Cloudflare CDN in front of PowerBI Premium experiences?

Hello,xcuse if this has been asked and answered - I could not find anything in your community pages…

I have never used the Cloudflare CDN: Rookie alert!

I am on the verge of publishing a Microsoft PowerBI Premium solution and would like to provide the best performance possible. The solution will vary between about 5000 to 600000 unique consumers depending on the timeframe…

Does anyone have experience with using the Cloudflare CDN with the Microsoft PowerBI premium web client? Can you tell me if you experienced performance gains and/or savings in utilization or size of the PowerBI premium instance? I.E. Can Cloudflare provide Microsoft savings while improving the PowerBI premium application with features like DDOS protection?

Feedback and stories (successes or failures) would be most appreciated!

Thank you,
Doug {redacted}

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