Cloudflare CDN for custom domains on AWS SES

I’m setting up a custom domain to handle open/click tracking in AWS SES, but I run in a step which I cannot reproduce on Cloudflare.

The official AWS documentation (Configuring custom domains to handle open and click tracking - Amazon Simple Email Service) states:

  1. If you use Amazon CloudFront as your CDN, complete the following procedures:
    a. On the CloudFront Distributions page, choose the distribution that corresponds with your CDN.
    b. On the Behaviors tab, choose the default behavior, and then choose Edit.
    c. For Cache Based on Selected Request Headers, choose All.
    d. For Query String Forwarding and Caching, choose Forward all, cache based on all.
    e. Add an alternate domain name to your distribution. The subdomain that you use has to be verified in Amazon SES. For more information, see Configuring Alternate Domain Names and HTTPS in the Amazon CloudFront Developer Guide.

Now, the domain I use is handled by Cloudflare.
I tried to add a cache rule (to bypass cache) and to remove normalization of incoming URLs,
but it seems I’m still unable to reproduce the behaviour expected by AWS.

What am I missing here?
Is this even possible to accomplish this with Cloudflare?


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