Cloudflare CDN enabled but the speed still the same 303ms

Need feedback on why the page load speed still around 303ms after enabled CDN?

Because 303ms is still pretty fast for loading an entire page, and Cloudflare still has to go to origin to get the HTML. What’s the URL?

The url is host in Australia

Our digital marketing vendor in china said our site is too slow for china.

China has its own set of issues. Enterprise plans can use POPs in China. Otherwise there’s not much you do when the server is outside China.

Honestly, your site is nice and simple and well cached. As sdayman mentioned, delivering content into China can be difficult, but I would expect your site to perform pretty reasonably.

It does look bad compared to the rest of the world, of course, these are also “non cached” results… you can run more from other spots in China, too:

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One more thought. You said you hosted your site in Australia, which makes sense, that’s where you are. However, from a network perspective, if your target market is China, it may make sense to move it somewhere else. In my experience, hits from China often go to the West Coast of the US – SJC (San Jose, CA), for example, which would mean that for your site the traffic is going China->San Jose->Australia – not super efficient. I just looked at Site24x7s results and that request is headed to Heathrow, so again, China->UK->AU.

Would probably require some experimenting to figure out where the best origin location was, but could be a fun experiment.


Thank for the additional information. :+1:

If Mean page load to the origin server is slower than through Cloudflare , investigate the source of slowness with your hosting provider. Slowness for only the first request of a resource indicates your server took too long to generate a response.

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