Cloudflare CDN doubts

I have used a cloudflare cdn free account for our test server. I have a few questions
(1) The cf response headers for most files shows a miss. Is there any particular reason for that.
(2) How can i avoid images from being cached
(3) Is there any way to sync cached data to the latest update on our servers

This means the request was not delivered from Cloudflare’s Edge Cache and therefore most probably was not requested lately from this POP, or was deleted in the meantime.

PageRules will be your friend here. Just search here in the forum, this has already been discussed a lot of times.

No. No such thing at Cloudflare. You must wipe the cache for the respecting URLs and land another MISS for all wiped URLs on all POPs.

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Although Cloudflare will not automatically check for the latest content inside your server (this really defeats the purpose of caching if Cloudflare still needs to query your server for a fixed internal), but what you can do is to perform an API call to Cloudflare - which purges the cache of the specific content automatically once you make any changes to the content of your website.

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