Cloudflare cdn china

Hi, we run a few websites and we like our mainland china visitors to visit the server directly and we want the rest of the world to visit the cdn. We are doing this currently for trademark dot net dot ph as well as patent dot net dot ph . We would like to move to Cloudflare, but last time we were not able to setup the DNS, so we gave up. Presently our DNS is hosted at alibaba, so we do have this country specific DNS feature. Any thoughts? Might be out of the wheelhouse of most users, but might be some china experts around.

For starters, you’d have to be on an Enterprise plan to do anything fancy with China DNS.

does the enterprise plan offer fancy dns?


As mentioned by @sdayman . More information:

thanks, i see that
is it possible to use Cloudflare other plans without using the DNS?
I also see that business level plan $200 has DNS control (no need to go to enterprise).

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