Cloudflare cdn caching image from Google Cloud Storage

Hi Team,

I setup Wordpress using Google Cloud Storage to keep images/videos. Our environment using Cloudflare CDN also.

Cloudflare plugin has been activated in Wordpress.

But when I checking website, all images get directly from GCS not from Cloudflare CDN.

Could you help us why it happen like that?

Do we miss any setup to archive all image should get from Cloudflare CDN?

Please help us to archive it.



Your website is linking your resources (images/videos) via Google Cloud Storage links, right?

Yes, Eric.

I still using GCS url as screenshot below



Since you are using links for images/videos, they are not covered under Cloudflare caching - since Cloudflare only protects resources linked to your own domain, but not in this case.

Hi Eric,

How we can change the links for images/videos to under Cloudflare caching?

Cloudflare Workers is a very powerful platform that allows you to write your code and run it on Cloudflare edge.

In this case, you can setup a subdomain (which is responsible to serve your images/videos, something like, and write some code that actually redirects requests for the subdomain to your Google Cloud Storage. Refer to this documentation:


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