Cloudflare CDN and WooCommerce Shopping Cart

I use Cloudflare CDN (free version) on several sites hosted at SiteGround with no issues except on one site ( which is a Divi WordPress site with a WooCommerce shopping cart. A few weeks ago, I noticed that WooCommerce product images were missing from each product’s page and started investigating why. Here is an example of a WooCommerce product page with the image presenting as it should:

After lengthy discussions with Elegant Themes, developer of the Divi theme and SiteGround, I deactivated Cloudflare CDN today and the WooCommerce images started presenting properly.

My question is whether anyone knows of an issue between WooCommerce and the use of Cloudflare CDN?

I’ve not seen a lot of activity with woocommerce here, but some. This #CommunityTip, has links to a lot of resources, one of the on woocommerce, Community Tip - Best Practices Cloudflare & eCommerce. That describes a page rule, did you set anything similar to that?

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