Cloudflare CDN and Dedicated IP Set Up Issue

Hi, I am using Cloudflare name servers and also trying to set up a Sendinblue dedicated IP for an email marketing campaign and it wants me to use these name servers.


So does it mean I have to choose either Cloudflare or Sendinblue for my name servers?

Does sendinblue use a subdomain of your domain for their services? Maye they’ll allow you to only use their name servers for that subdomain.

Yeah, they actually want me to use a subdomain for these nameservers.

Try adding NS records here for ‘subdomain’ (the one Sendinblue wants you to use) and point them to their ns1 and ns2.



So should I just add these above and keep my Cloudflare as well?

No, they should be NS records in your DNS page here, but as a subdomain. Something like this:

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