Cloudflare CDN active, but not caching?


I’m a noob, and I’ve just implemented cloudflare with Full DNS, and webpagetest appears to indicate that caching isn’t active. My hosting service advised me to contact cloudflare, but I haven’t heard from support after a couple of days, so I thought I’d put it to the community. I have the caching level set to standard, but apart from that I’m really not sure what to do. Thanks for reading.

CDN is not serving js, jpg, css files

Hi @jonathan1 - Thanks for posting. Just to let you know, support tickets are prioritized by plan level. So if you are on Free it will definitely get addressed, but not as fast as it would if you were on a paid plan.

Have you performed the following tests?


Thanks for your reply.

I ran this test, and I could use some guidance on how to make sense of it:

It looks like there were only 2 cache “misses” and 28 “hits” — so why do I get a “D” for cache static content?

Any insight on how to improve would be most appreciated.

Thanks again!!


I think I may have figured it out. I moved my cache expiration from the 4 hour default to 1 month, and went from an F to a B!


YES! Sorry. I should’ve suggested to check that as well. Glad it’s all working now.