CloudFlare causing too many processes --> Internal Server Error

Soon after enabling CloudFlare for my site (hosted on HostGator), I started getting intermittent 500 Internal Server Errors. HostGator said there were multiple logins into my cPanel from CloudFlare but also CloudFlare was creating a very large number of processes (130 processes, while my hosting limit is 25 processes), thus the Internal Server Errors. I had a friend (who is a Linux Admin) help me with this and he could not find any issues… it’s a mystery. The issue begins with this error in cPanel error log:
“softexception in application.cpp:690: could not execute script *.php” which turns into an Internal Server Error. Any ideas on a fix would be welcome as I had to disable CloudFlare for now.

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Well, Cloudflare doesn’t gain control of your server when you activate it, so CF itself isn’t creating processes. If there are too many processes, chances are the server is misconfigured.

Perhaps I used the wrong terminology; web site traffic coming thru CloudFlare is causing too many processes. If I disable CloudFlare this problem does not occur.

So I understand that Cloudflare does not generate “500 Internal Server Errors”, so this would indicate something is not configured correctly with my hosting provider (HostGator in my case). Does anyone have any ideas of what the issue could be?
HostGator is denying this is their problem because as soon as disable Cloudflare, the Internal Server Errors stop. I need something to push back on HostGatror - thanks!

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