Cloudflare causing my website to crash?

Hi I’ve been having a lot of issues with my website suddenly going really slow and often crashing and going down.

I’ve had many cloudways staff (my web hosting) tell me various reasons to why this could be, I’ve also had a web developer look into it and they are struggling to find the issue.

A few people are saying it is likely through plugins but one developer has said it is cloudflare slowing down my website.

My website is fast and functions normally for long periods of time and then some days its very slow and keeps crashing, especially if I view things in my Wordpress back end.

I’ve attached an image of one of the common pages that comes up when my site goes down, I often get wp data base errors and struggling to connect to database.

Does anyone know if any of this might relate to Cloudflare causing the issue?


Cloudflare couldn’t be the direct cause of any database errors or issues with connecting to it. Sounds more like your web server is occasionally having issues.


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