Cloudflare causing minor css issue

I use a little css to force my long “Terms and Conditions” within a webform to be viewed within a 185px tall scrolling window (the css code is .cognito .c-html { max-height: 185px !important; overflow:auto !important; }

When I started using cloudflare, this css no longer works. Any idea what setting I can modify in cloudflare to get this functionality back?

Did you try disabling minification?

Not yet. I’ll try and locate that and circle back.

I was able to disable; then deleted cache and minified css; and the issue is still present. Perhaps the issue is because this webform is displayed via an iframe?

Can you post the link?

And the issue is the terms and conditions extend all the way down?

Correct, they used to display in a small scrolling window.

Did you implement it via this?

.cognito .c-html {
   max-height: 175px !important;
   overflow:auto !important;

I just turned off rocketloader and it seemed to fix the issue.

That would have been one of my next guesses - I guess :slight_smile:

I enabled the auto minify for css, java, and html and it looks like rocketloader was the culprit. Thank you for your help and response speed! Much appreciated!

Rocket Loader often is an issue. Most of the times with JavaScript, in this case apparently also with CSS.

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