Cloudflare causing broken links

We previously used cloudflare when we had a wordpress site but several years back we switched over to another platform. Recently, we noticed several broken links and traced it back to somehow cloudflare still being connected to our site. We didn’t want to break the site so we have kept cloudflare but have been trying to prevent it from “removing” pages from the site. I followed the instructions provided by Cloudflare but am still noticing broken links. Would you have any insight as to what I can do to improve this issue?

These were the instructions provided:

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare account.
  2. Choose the appropriate domain.
  3. Select Rules > Page Rules.
  4. Select Create Page Rule.
  5. Under If the URL matches, create a URL pattern to differentiate your website’s static versus dynamic content.
  6. Under Then the settings are, choose Cache Level.
  7. For Select Cache Level, choose the Cache Everything submenu setting.
  8. Select Save and Deploy.
  9. Verify your resources are cached by checking the cache response returned by Cloudflare

I’m not sure where you found these instructions, but I don’t see how that would fix broken links.

Can you share your domain and give an example of a link that is broken? And can you explain why you think this is caused by Cloudflare?