Cloudflare Causes WSoD Error Wordpress

I recently started using Cloudflare on my Wordpress sites. It worked great for the first few days, but now, it shows the WSoD sometimes on the homepage, but always on the other pages (e.g. About, Contact). I disabled Cloudflare on both of these sites, and now they work great. What could be causing this, and what can I do about it? Thanks!

Wordpress works in standard configuration with Cloudflare. Without seeing it ourselves, we can’t diagnose it. Let us know when it’s back on Cloudflare so we can check.

Now that I have re-enabled the sites, they seem to be working fine. I will reply back if it happens again in the next few days.

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It happened again, my site is I run the latest version of WordPress, and I run PHP 7.3. My hosting provider is Bluehost.

wp-admin looks ok, but the home page HTML looks garbled at the end. Can you disable WP Fastest Cache, or just clear that cache and try again?

That seemed to have worked. Thank you!

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