Cloudflare causes my website not being crawled by google bots

My issue is that when I set the DNS to that of Cloudflare, the website is not being crawled by Google bots. (I don’t know why?)
please help me,

Does the website actually work when you set DNS to Cloudflare?

yes, it works but google can not crawl the website.

I had set my website nameservers for to Cloudflare. Suddenly after a few months, I recognized that my website is not being crawled by Google bots.
(I attached the errors)

After consulting with an SEO agency, they told me the reason is related to Cloudflare bot fight mode (although I never used and activated this feature)
and so they recommended deactivating Cloudflare and changing DNS to the one provided by my origin host provider.
I did so, and the crawling problem has been resolved.

Since I want to reactivate Cloudflare and take advantage of all the great features of putting my website behind Cloudflare, I submitted this ticket to get help and support.

You can configure Super Bot Fight mode here:

thanks mate

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