Cloudflare caused lookback fail to run and Rest API error

Hi, I got 3 errors suddenly. Last one seemed to be related to cloudflare. Can someone help me check it?

  1. wp_manga_daily failed to run
  2. Loopback request
  3. Rest API issue:

The REST API call gave the following unexpected result: (503)

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DDoS protection by Cloudflare
Ray ID: 673f53c97943321b

Please help me.

Your site is triggering your own JS challenge. Do you have your site set to Under Attack Mode, or some other firewall rule? Checking Firewall Events Log should show why this is triggering.

Yes. I do have many firewall rules.
Only challenging or js challenging some countries.
I have disabled cloudflare on my site until this issue is fixed.

How can I fix this?

Grab this Ray ID and search it in your firewall logs. Then you will know why this happened.

I didn’t find anything suspicious.
Here is the log report of that ray id. Can you please take a look?

Your “United States” firewall rule is challenging the traffic.

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but is it not normal as i have a firewall rule for it?
How can i avoid getting Rest API failed (Loopback request failed too) if i need to use this rule?

You definitely need to exclude the REST API URL from the challenge rule. It’s not too difficult to exclude that.

How can I do that?
Also about other rules, do i need to apply same thing?
I am also getting 502 error from cloudflare.


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