Cloudflare cashing creating load when getting expired


We are an entertainment delivering company. We serve videos and many more to our customers.

We recently started cashing our APIs using Cloudflare by adding page rules.

We added cashing for 1 day for some of our APIs.

I just want to know what is happening when 1 day time period is getting over? Is Cloudflare requesting our APIs to get the details and store them in cash, or is it waiting for any users to request that API, and then Cloudflare is getting the response, and then is it cashing or what?

I want to know If the API is not accessed by anyone(unsed API), but the page rule for that API in cashing is set to 1 day then will Cloudflare still access to or origin server every 1 day to get them and store it in cash or it will not?
The Edge Cache TTL is set to 1 day

Because we are thing that every time the cash is expiring we are getting some huge spikes to our origin server, and in few min it is again becoming stable.
And we are also thinking that cloud-flare is also trying to access multiple times from various edge location.
Can any one have any Idea how cloudflare use to Cache and what happen when it expire then how they get back the Cache

If you are serving videos through Cloudflare I’d recommend directing these questions to your account team so they can help you with configuration and custom tiering. Or if you are using Stream that content is stored on Cloudflare’s edge not your origin.

Cloudflare doesn’t automatically refresh cached content as it expires.

We are serving videos but we are facing this issue on normal pages.
And we are paid customers as well in Cloudflare

He probably mentioned an account team because you need a higher service plan, such as Enterprise, to use Cloudflare for high traffic levels of video. Or Cloudflare’s Stream product.

Please refer to Section 2.8 in Cloudflare’s Terms of Service agreement:

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