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I recently started getting Cloudflare Captchas on almost any website I go to, while initially not that bad it started causing a lot of problems with non-browser programs or command line applications (ClamAV, FiveM client, Nexus Mod Manager) including ones on my home server. Can anyone help me in removing these captchas?

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Here’s some info on that:

It doesn’t help when your service blocks my antivirus program from updating, and I can’t even play any Riot games because the launcher needs to update. I’ve done everything on this website 7 days ago and it still doesn’t work.

How, exactly, are hCaptchas affecting your personal computer?

They’re not, it’s when the Riot Launcher tries to update or when ClamAV tries to update it’s databases it get a 403 Forbidden.


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Cloudflare customers configure their websites and control when and how Captcha are triggered for their domains. You would likely want to speak to ClamAV maintainers about the issue as they control their settings, not Cloudflare.

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My mistake.

So far privacy pass has worked for chrome. Can I enable privacy pass globally on my PC?


No, PrivacyPass is browser specific.

So am I just powerless to this?

Site owners can choose to allow or deny what they want, contact a site owner to request help if they have blocked you. There isn’t much else you can do.

So I have to contact Riot Games, FiveM, ClamAV and others?

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