Cloudflare Captcha on Every website

Hello Guys.

I am changing my IP 3 times already in the past 6 months.
I am literally playing games all day and for 3rd time I have to ask my ISP to change my IP address.

Literally every website I am trying to access re-loads the Cloudflare anti-robot check captcha.

When my IP is marked as not trusted, games like LOL and the Discord are not loading because their Code is not set to work with captcha authentication waiting and etc…

Can you please help me? How do I fix that?
I have scanned my PC with Malwarebytes (full scan for 7 hours) it detected only Utorrent as malicious and I deleted it.


Does restarting the router device helps? :thinking:

I’d consider why that happens with my ISP, if so :thinking:

Are you using any of the VPNs? Is there any difference if you try?

Only changing the IP works.
But at some point, it gets a bad reputation again.
I am an IT engineer. Already tried everything but the only thing left is cloudflare to unmark my bad reputation for the IP’s I have

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