Cloudflare Captcha interfereing with e-store

A few weeks ago, a Captcha screen showed up on our web site. It seems stuck on a part where it is trying to verify the browser type. There is no captcha presentation to complete and move past this. it also takes MORE than just “the fold”, so many people won’t scroll past and enter their orders. Those that try are getting a screen refresh with each entry.

I’ve tried Support. Response to emails is usually 24 - 36 hours, so I’m about to get fired. They gave me a couple things to try after I created an HAR file, but that didn’t help.

I tried “PAUSING” cloudflare, but it’s still there. I also tried using a back-up URL pointing it to my web site, but Cloudflare intercepted that also.

Anyone have any ideas? If the pause didn’t work, will cancelling the service altogether work? I fear not.

Are you sure Cloudflare was paused? It does take about 5 minutes for the Pause to take effect.

Can you post a screenshot of the CAPTCHA screen?

Yes, it’s been paused for a couple hours.

Well…that’s a disaster. There’s something embedded in your website that’s causing this.

I see an IP address on those CAPTCHAs that match the IP address I get when I try your site. It belongs to Immedion. And that appears to be your host. I suggest you contact them to find out why your site is doing that. Because normally, when a user triggers the captcha, the IP address is that of the user that triggered it. In this case, it’s your host.

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Thanks for the tip. I’ve been getting the old “it’s them, not me” from everyone.
I used to know this stuff, but I’ve not been able to keep up, running the data now more than the infrastructure.

If you’ve paused Cloudflare, you’re just using regular DNS records. If you want a clean isolation, I suggest you change name servers back to the ones recommended by your host.

I’ve just visited your site - Ray ID 65cc91ebef035cef and 65cc91f2ccb0c1cf - you can use that to check the Cloudflare Firewall Logs and see why it was issued the reCAPTCHA.

Look on your page source what’s inside “linkset_retail_foot” - I suspect there’s an iframe there (or a script that loads something dynamic from your server) and that’s triggering it.

I can’t imagine a way this would show up in their firewall logs if they’ve paused Cloudflare. But I’ve been surprised before.

I assume they had not paused it because the appearance of the Cloudflare captcha and the Ray ID means the page I visited was going through Cloudflare.

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