Cloudflare captcha doesn't let me access some sites through Google Chrome

Cloudflare captcha doesn’t let me access some sites. How can I disable? I’m not a cloudflare user, nor did I know it existed until these problems happened.

It started with Canva and has extended to more websites, is ■■■■. I can only access Firefox and this is disturbing me a lot. It is no use clicking “Confirm that it is human”, it does not go at all, carries and returns to that same page. I already uninstalled and installed Chrome, disappears for a few days, then comes back again. I already looked at the browser extensions, there is none that may be causing it. I already contacted the Canva support, we got in touch for about 15 days but could not help me. I have changed connection, followed instructions for technology sites and youtube channels, nothing resolved. I only have cloudflare’s own support.

If anyone can help me, I will be very grateful.

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