Cloudflare Can't Verify my domain Nameservers

Cloud flare cant verify my Name servers, showing Pending Verification, But when I look into “into DNS” Name Servers are Updated as “Tegan And Thomas”. But in Cloudflare, shows pending verification. also, I contacted my domain providers they saying that NS is already updated as “Tegan and Thomas”, its a bug from Cloudflare. the funny part is my website is working fine and all HTTP, mx request are coming from Cloudflare how is it possible???

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Your domain appears to be properly set up. Have you tried clicking the re-check button?

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Hi @adivinartec, a tip with some ideas here, Community Tip - Fixing “Pending Nameserver Update”. It looks as if DNSSEC is active on that account and will need to be deactivated before the changes will take effect.


Yes i tried that, but not working.

Thanks for your Support, i will Try that,

I have a similar issue.

You have no domains associated with the account you used to post. You would first need to add a domain to Cloudflare using the “+ Add Site” feature before you can be assigned nameservers/ begin the activation process…

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