Cloudflare can't see the traffic of my website

Hi, I got this cloudflare account bought from one of your partners… so I can’t directy act on DNS and so on. Today I noticed that the “under attack mode” isn’t working… and I also saw that when I go to the overview, the visitors and the requests are zero (my website actually has 50.000+ hits per day). I checked that those hits worked only for 1 day… the day I activated my account with your partner.
I contacted their support, and they told me that today Cloudflare has servers problems… and they told me to ask here. I don’t think it’s related to this “recent” problem, since the hits aren’t working for a month. Can you confirm?

Hi @vitto.fastsubita, there were some issues overnight in Europe with 5xx errors that were resolved a while back, uncertain if that is/was what’s affecting your site. Can you share the domain?

That domain’s DNS doesn’t point to Cloudflare. If you’re configured through a partner integration the partner is responsible for pointing/directing your domain’s DNS to Cloudflare.

You should either contact the hosting provider and ask them to doublecheck / fix their integration for your zone or remove the hosted integration from your account and sign up with Cloudflare directly / transfer your nameservers to Cloudflare so you don’t have to rely on the partner to change your DNS settings.

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Hi @vitto.fastsubita, as @cscharff suggested, normally the partner should assist you with these issues, but I see the domain was deleted from your cloudflare account earlier today. I’d add it back to your cloudflare account prior to contacting the partner.

I never deleted it… that’s very odd! I contacted the partner and he said:

“I see. It’s completely up to you where you would like to have your domain hosted. If Cloudflare seems more convenient, you can redirect your domain there, but if you prefer to have it here, trere is no need to change any of your DNS settings :)”

The fact is I already made this decision! I paid them to install cloudflare in my account, and to be “covered” by you. So basically I paid for something it worked just for 1 day, the day they installed it. I think they are not acting clear… I am waiting for a reply in their support. Thanks guys!

Might be worth asking them to escalate how their partner integration works so they can confirm the settings because… that is not entirely accurate.

We finally understood why my website’s account has been erased here yesteday… My server partner said that they have some problem installing cloudflare in my account, and they are trying to solve it.

They said:
“Our admins have forwarded that this must be a problem with our panel, so I’m forwarding this issue to our developer team in order to help solve your issue once and for all! Take note, that it could take a few days to get a proper reply from them!”
“Cloudflare is not being able to detect such domain to be registered from their side. So it would be best if our admins would check this out firstly. That account that you had on Cloudflare was related to the installation from our side, therefore that account might have been deleted as well by us, when we deleted our previous installation that didn’t work. Such error should not persist with a new installation, still as per my understanding, but it keeps failing therefore it will be best if our developers will check this from their side”.

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