Cloudflare can't see my DNS

Hi all. Can you give me a solution? I have added a domain. Cloudflare is telling me to set up an NS so it can activate the domain. NS have been installed for several days. Any validation, including sees the correct NS that Cloudflare gave me. But Cloudflare cannot see them. When I click Check Nameservers, nothing happens. And it’s been like this for days now.

Can you share your domain? It helps us debug quicker.


I apologize for the delay in replying. My domain is saafamilies_org
Cloudflare sent me an email: We could not add the website saafamilies_org to your account because your nameservers (NS) are not yet pointing to Cloudflare.

But I do not know what to do. I see that the NS are correct.

Your domain registrar has a clientHold status. You will want to follow-up with them to get that cleared before any DNS provider will be able to serve records.

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Unfortunately, this is not the case. I wrote to support, support confirmed to me that this is not true.
Moreover, if I now change the NS to any other ones which are not related to CF, I will get an e-mail from CF in a few hours which will show me the NS that I will change.
CF can’t see my NS(

Response from NameCheap support:
According to our check, this domain does not have a clientHold status. You can check it here:xxtps://

As we can see, the Cloudflare nameservers are set up for this domain name.

Not the same as what you said earlier:


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Oh, yes! You’re absolutely right! I was inattentive when I emailed support and specified the wrong domain. After they removed the block from the correct domain, the problem was solved!
Again, thank you so much!!!


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