Cloudflare can't find new NS records

Hello there. I change my NS records to Cloudflare. DNS checker shows that they was changed but cloudlare still not see them. after 7 hours…What can i do?

Probably not changed in the right place.

This from domain panel. DNS checker shows that NS has changed but Cloudflare still pending nameservers update. What can i do?

Yes, wrong place.

You changed that at your host, when you should have changed that at your registrar’s. Your domain still points to your old nameservers, hence no verification.

No, domain points to new nameservers. i checked it through DNS lookup

No. NS records aren’t how you set Cloudflare to be your DNS host. You need to update WHOIS information at your domain’s registrar.

Well, DNS seems to disagree with you :wink:

As @sdayman pointed out NS records are the wrong place. You need to change it at you registrar.

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