Cloudflare can't find domain


I’m trying to figure why my site hosted by Weebly, can’t be found on Cloudflare. I had it the website hosted by Cloudflare and messed it up, got it working again (finally) on Weebly.

Now when I try and get it going on Cloudflare it won’t find the domain.

Any ideas?


What’s the domain?

The domain’s nameservers announce different nameservers than what you have set. While these are probably just naming differences it will still confuse Cloudflare and that’s the reason for the error. You should clarify this with your host and update the nameservers at your registrar accordingly.

Actually, the domain adds just fine.

I’d try again.

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Thanks, I’ll see what Weebly says. It’s still not working from here in the UK, I’ll check again tomorrow…Thanks for your help.

If your question is why it disappeared from your account, then that will be most likely because you changed the nameservers away from Cloudflare and they will deactivate the domain in that case.

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