Cloudflare Can't Detect NS Change

Hello i have a domain named and i’m trying to add that website to Cloudflare.
I changed nameservers about 40 hour ago, and i checked multiple times that NS adressess from some websites they seem right. but cloudflare still says “change your nameservers to that etc.” screenshoots:
some screenshoots:
it been 30+ hours so thats not normal i guess
(im trying to upload screenshots but it do not allow me so i will not upload a thing i got mad lol also it do not allow me to put a link what a shame

You have added as a name server as well as the 2 Cloudflare nameservers. That needs to be deleted.


where can i delete it? website that i bought that domain shows that only 2 NS and other wrong NS is not on list. Should i do it on Cloudflare website or website that i bought that domain? If so i will create a support ticket on that seller’s website.

You will need to contact your domain registrar. The extra nameserver appears on the WHOIS record so can be nothing to do with Cloudflare.

Thanks for the help

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