Cloudflare can't Connect to my server


Hi, yesterday I registered my Page at CloudFlare, Set my DNS correctly… Everything works fine except the connection from CloudFlare to my Server, even App Previews won’t Work! My Server ist hosted at Hetzner, webserver is at Port 443 with TLS. Plaintext connections are disabled, Port 80 ist closed.


What is your TLS mode? It should be Full strict or - if you dont have a valid certificate - Full.

Right now you are not proxying though Cloudflare however.


My TLS certificate on the server is a valid Let’s encrypt certificate and CloudFlare TLS is set to “flexible”. And i know that I’m currently not proxying through CloudFlare, to avoid downtime. Through Proxy I can’t even Connect via SSH.


SSH will never work through Cloudflare, as Cloudflare only proxies HTTP connections.

In your case “Flexible” is the issue as that connects via HTTP. Change that to “Full strict”.


Okay, TY!

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