Cloudflare can't connect to my tunnelbroker IPv6 server

Cloudflare CDN returns Error 522, while accessing my tunnelbroker IPv6 IP is fine from outside.

Hi @roytam, the 522 is a time out issue with the origin over that connection. This tip may spur some ideas, Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out, I guess check logs and make sure the Cloudflare IPs are whitelisted to start.

but can Cloudflare provide a real trace for each hop? since I can’t see any cf IPv6 accessing my server here.

HE blocking CF:

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Just going to point out comment #5 to explain the issues and fixes, for future reference

My main experience with Cloudflare is when somebody usurped my projects DNS and put Cloudflare in front of my machine.

Your web server config shouldn’t just default to your main website’s config for any Host value the client sends. You should have a default vhost/server block set up to not respond if the Host header is not your actual website’s domain.


usurped my projects DNS

Unfortunately Cloudflare isn’t the one responsible if your registrar login is compromised and someone changes the Nameservers.

made me unable to SSH to my machine.

Should probably keep the actual IP address of the server handy instead of relying on DNS.

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