Cloudflare cannot connect to server in Dallas from UK and Italy

Hello, since yesterday customers from UK and Italy has not been able to access our site.
Our server is located in Dallas.
We use Cloudflare to protect our origin IP.

The error they’re getting is Error 522 - Connection timed out.

A few months ago it was the same problem, but people from Norway couldn’t connect. It lasted about 4 days and then it fixed itself.

On, 25 October shows this:

It could probably be related, but doesn’t seem like it’s fixed properly.

Hope to hear any update from Cloudflare on this, thank you.

I don’t think that’s related, as those other users would be going through a different datacenter closer to them.

If I were to guess, something at your end is seeing a ton of traffic through UK/Italy/Norwegian Cloudflare IP addresses from the IP Ranges list, then rate limits them. Those visitors stop coming around, then the rate limit resets.

I’m sure the 522 tip here says to make sure you’ve Allow-listed those IP addresses.

There is no rate limiting on my server, and multiple people i know has the same problem.

I hope Cloudflare will fix this soon.

Having this issue as well.

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