Cloudflare cannot be enabled while the SSL certificate is not verified

Hello, I am unable to enable cloudflare for my website I use for hosting, and GoDaddy is the domain registrar.

I had ordered cloudflare through hostinger about 10 days back, but it could not be enabled yet.

I get the following error while trying to enable cloudflare using hosting c-panel:

Earlier, I had reached out to hostinger support, and they advised me to do the following:

  1. Log in to cloudflare a/c and execute steps 2 - 4
  2. Disable edge certificates
  3. Wait for 10 mins, & re-enable
  4. Purge cache
  5. Try enabling cloudflare from c-panel.

I tried doing this twice, but to no effect.

Note, the status of the edge certificates for both & www subdomain is “Pending Issuance (Error)”:

Hostinger support has now advised me to reach out to cloudflare directly, and let you know that my “domain has pending_issuance status”

Appreciate any help, thanks!

Hi @biswarupsr,

Partner setups can be difficult for us to troubleshoot on the community, so I checked and @cf_evan had a look and was able to provide a lot of useful info.

It looks like your domain currently has CAA records that limit the certificate authorities able to issue certs for your domain.

$ dig caa +short
0 issue ""
0 issuewild ""
0 issue ""

Most of Cloudflare’s Universal Certificates are issued by DigiCert. You will likely need to either add them to your CAA record or remove that record. You may want to pass this information back to Hostinger if you are unsure how to do this yourself.

The documentation on the required CAA records can be found here →

If you’re still having problems after doing that, just let us know.


Thank you so much @domjh ! Pending issuance error is gone now, really appreciate the help!!

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