Cloudflare cannot be activated

Cloudflare cannot be activated as my domain have previous cloudflare account connected on it and hindering the new account to be active.

Any comments or suggestion how can I fix this issue.

You need to disable the original Cloudflare integration/connection first.

What’s the domain? is the domain needed.

There is no integration/connection existing with my knowledge as it is the first time I built wordpress site on it.

Cloudflare does respond for your domain, so it must have been set up in one way or another.

You need to disable that first or simply wait until Cloudflare drops it (which it will as it does not point to Cloudflare right now).

How can I disable it when I don’t have any existing cloudfare connected to my domain other than what I’m activating now?

Well, the domain is active so it must have been fully activated once on Cloudflare.

At this point it is probably best to wait until Cloudflare drops it. You could also contact support but considering you cannot write from the account address it might be difficult to prove ownership.

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I had thiss issue multiple times in the past, with customers’ websites being previously active on cloudflare (with accounts I didn’t have access to).
The only way is to contact cloudflare support explaining the situation; they should ask you to verify domain ownership adding a TXT record. After that, they will drop the other account.

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I think that’s the way I can prove the domain ownership by using TXT record. I’ll add this information on my ticket with them. Thanks and well appreciated.

That is something you need to discuss with support and they will tell you the necessary steps.