Cloudflare canceled my Pro Plan subscription despite timely payment

Dear Cloudflare Community,

Today, Cloudflare cancelled my Pro Plan subscription, despite having paid it on time. I am confused by the situation, as I have always been a reliable and loyal customer of Cloudflare.

I was expecting to continue enjoying the benefits of the Pro Plan, including enhanced security, increased website speed and improved analytics. However, my subscription was cancelled without any explanation or notification.

Can anyone please help me with my issue?

Thank you in advance for your time.

My invoice number : INVOICE# CFUSA6572349

I tried to contact [email protected] and a bot responded with this :slight_smile:

We are no longer accepting support issues at this email address. Please visit our Support Portal, where you will have access to self-help resources tailored to your issue.

None of the resources I’ve read solve my problem.