Cloudflare can’t find my site they’re hosting

Spoke to someone and they can’t find our site they were hosting until the domain ran out. It has been renewed now but our site heatoncaffin for Co dot uk still shows error code 1001. Tearing my hair out now! Someone please help!

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I am sorry to hear of the difficulty you are having with your site. Cloudflare isn’t a webhosting company, so it is unlikely that they have lost your site, unless you let your hosing expire, too. If your domain expirer and your registrar changed the DNS servers away from your assigned Cloudflare nameservers, your domain would have been removed from your Cloudflare account which would cause DNS and any other settings to to be removed along with it. You would ordinarily receive an email before that happened, but if your email address used the domain that expired, that could have had an unexpected impact.

If you can still log in to the Cloudflare account where you managed your DNS, you may see if the audit logs can help you rebuild your zone. You may also want to look into exporting your DNS records so that you have a backup.

Your nameservers are currently with Gandi. You will need to add your domain to Cloudflare again if you want to use it for your DNS.

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