Cloudflare Calls Pricing

I’m considering using Cloudflare Calls for video calling. I like the idea of using Cloudflare’s network. Now that it’s in open Beta, some pricing info is available.

“Starting May 15, 2024, customers with a Calls subscription will receive the first terabyte each month for free, with any usage beyond that charged at $0.05 per real-time gigabyte.”

I’d really like to better understand the pricing model, it’s quite different than video calling platforms like Twilio, Zoom, Dyte, etc., which is understandable, since it’s a different value proposition.

  1. What’s a real-time gigabyte?
  2. How many real-time gigabytes does a 1 hour, 2 participant call use? Using Orange Meets as a benchmark seems reasonable, since Cloudflare uses it as its internal video conferencing app :slight_smile:
  3. What, if any, other Cloudflare costs do I need to account for when running the end-to-end Orange Calls application?

Hi @matt47

We do not have this information yet, but the Calls documentation should be updated with the pricing structure soon, so please keep an eye on the documentation.