Cloudflare caching with R2 bucket - how?

Is it possible to connect Cloudflare caching to an r2 bucket without having Cloudflare manage my domain?

I’m hoping that I could point Cloudflare caching at r2 and then point Route 53 at Cloudflare caching. Does this sound right? What am I missing? Thank you!

For context, I use AWS. My domains are managed by AWS Route 53, and I dont want to move all of my records from AWS to Cloudflare.

Cloudflare is a proxy. To control traffic to a hostname it needs to be proxied. If Cloudflare isn’t managing your DNS you could use a CNAMe on a business or enterprise plan

To my understanding, r2 doesn’t allow public access without connecting it to a cloudflare managed domain.

When a custom domain is connected to your bucket, the contents of your bucket will be made publicly accessible through that domain. Websites connected can also benefit from Cloudflare features such as bot management, Access, and Cache.

Is it possible to make use of these features without transferring my domains to cloudflare?

To say this another way, I’d like to point to my r2 bucket, however, to be managed by AWS