CloudFlare Caching With A Membership Site

Hi Guys

I am trying to get my head around what I can and cant cache on my LifterLMS and Woo Commerce membership site. Ive read here that by default Cloudflare chaches nothing

Cloudflare does not cache HTML resources automatically. This prevents us from unintentionally caching pages that often contain dynamic elements. For example, the content on certain HTML pages may change based on specific visitor characteristics, such as authentication, personalization, and shopping cart information.

Ok cool I can use Cloudflare as just a CDN and just not setup caching page rules.


I also see that APO does have caching or is that just site caching like WP rocket and not edge caching?

My main question is this then.

How can I enable caching so that I get the best performance but of course dont screw up Logged In and Logged Out users and what they are allowed to see?


You’re right, Cloudflare does not cache HTML by default. But APO for WordPress will cache the HTML at the edge, bypassing cache if the page contains certain cookies or query strings. That should keep personalized content such as logged-in information out of the public eyes. Please see the list of cookies and query strings below.

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