Cloudflare Caching w/cookies

OK, I know this must have been asked 1000 times, and I am only asking because I do not fully understand the topic and I cannot find a definitive answer anywhere.
I have a classified ad website: and on the top of it, I have things which are set by cookies, like member portal stuff and location cookies…

The location cookie is set on first visit by a cookie.
Currently, Cloudflare marks my page with cache status: DYNAMIC. I WANT to set caching on this page to cache everything, but that would make that cookie the same for every user, correct (not to mention setting the login portal link for every visitor).
I am unclear about how I should set page caching for this page so that I do not screw that up. Can I set to cache everything and ignore the TopNav part or if I set to bypass cookies, will Cloudflare cache multiple versions of the page (1 for each user? (seems like a stupid question, I know).
Any help would be appreciated.

You are right, cookies and caching are mutually exclusive.

As far as the navigation part is concerned, that is not really a separate part but part of your page. If you used frames, you could impose caching on certain paths, but you might still run into a similar location issue.

The bottom line is, pages which provide dynamic content for users cannot be cached.


Thank you for responding. Very good and clear information.


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