CloudFlare caching not routing to the right server

Hello there,

I am new here and i dont know much so please go easy on me. I tried searching for my problem but i couldnt find anything.

Me and my company are in Kuwait (country in the middle east) i wanted to test cloud flare as a CDN for our website. but i noticed that whenever i make the request to the website instead of it serving me from one of the local servers here in Kuwait. it is actually routing me to server with an ip address in the United States. Although when i searched, it did show that CF has servers here in Kuwait. can someone please explain to me how CF works on improving my site’s users experience if it is routing to a server in the states?

The WHOIS info is not an accurate representation of where the server is located. See this for how CF’s network works:

You can see the actual location your requests are going via (airport codes are used as a general location, as CF doesn’t publish the actual location of their data centers)


Thank you for the explaination. Much appreciated

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