Cloudflare caching mp4 videos

I just added my site to cloudflare and everything is perfect. It is a small blog and so far only has 8 posts. In one post I added a very small mp4 video.

I use cache everything for my entire domain. Will that cause a problem ? . The video is very small and so far no issues.

That shouldn’t cause any problems. I have some small MP4 videos in a blog as part of a post, and they work.

As for the Page Rule, it would be safer to to match to match*.mp4 so you don’t unintentionally cache things you shouldn’t.


Is it against the rules ?

I am pretty sure I am not going to use bandwidth as high as 1 tb.

so if the bandwidth usage is less(under 1 tb), they wouldn’t suspend or force me to upgrade ?

I’m not sure how you’re going to rack up enough bandwidth to attract their attention, but if it’s smallish videos that support the blog post, I don’t expect that would violate ToS or even draw their attention. It’s needs to be really abusive to get their attention.

Not to mention that if it does get video heavy, that would usually fill up your server’s disk space pretty quickly. And that is why most people who do this embed their videos from YouTube.

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