Cloudflare caching is taking down my server?

I don’t think this is what is supposed to happen, been using Cloudflare for a few months now and lately my server gets overloaded running out of RAM becoming non-responsive daily. Every time it happens it’s getting flooded with requests from Cloudflare IP addresses for what I assume is caching. Hundreds of requests from Cloudflare IP addresses in seconds: “Python/3.6 aiohttp/3.6.2”

I’ve spent time analyzing the log files and can’t see anything else causing this overload. The website is very big, well over ten thousands posts. Is Cloudflare trying to cache everything at once and bringing down my server when it does?

Any insight or ideas on how to mitigate this?

Where are you seeing this? Cloudflare doesn’t crawl your site. You’re probably seeing all those Cloudflare requests because your server isn’t restoring Visitor IP addresses. So, yes, all hits will come through Cloudflare and show Cloudflare IP addresses.

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That’s directly from the apache access_logs - all the IP addresses are definitely from Cloudflare, I matched them with list on their website, mostly coming from the block but other ones as well. I know for a fact it’s Cloudflare because when I blocked the IPs I started getting 522 errors from CF, when I unblocked them they went away. They all match the list on the CF website

Example: - - [26/Jun/2020:21:51:50 -0400] “GET /charlie-carrel-and-linus-loeliger-triton-poker-london HTTP/1.1” 500 6765 “-” “Python/3.6 aiohttp/3.6.2”

As you can see my site is spitting 500 Internal Server errors because the server load is over 140

your server isn’t restoring Visitor IP addresses

What does this mean?

Ok… after looking it up, apparently the actual visitors IP Addresses aren’t being logged because I need Apache Mod installed, so it looks like it’s from Cloudflare when it’s not?

Ok, Installed mod_remoteip and enabled it, hopefully I can see the real IPs now, thank you

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