Cloudflare Caching is not starting


I have just started using clouflare.


I have kept in default configuration.

Page rules are:

  1. login URL-cache level-bypass
  2. URL-cache level- cache everything

Others are kept as cloudflare recommodation.

But it still isn’t caching.

Can anyone point me where should i look into?


You have to switch all domains/subdomains you want to profit from Cloudflare`s Cache in your DNS section from :grey: to :orange:.

Thanks for your reply.

But it was done already.

Yes, now it is proxied again. Now wait, untill it is propagated and you will profit from Cloudflare`s Cache. And for your device please clear DNS cache to make it taking effect faster. TTL anyway was set to 5min.

Thanks once again, let me check.
And do i need to change TTL or anything else??

No let it on “Auto”. This is the best setting unless you 100% know what you do.
TTL of 5min means it will take 5 min to have the change beeing propagated, as all devices shall just cache it for maximum 5 min.

Still same.

Nothing is been cached.

Check the file.

There must be something that i am missing.

(Cleared cache as well)


It works as expected:

It is strange that it shows cf-cache-status: HIT, though none of my images are being caches or served from Cloudflare’s cache.

As you can see here—

Or should I disable the Cloudflare plugin from the WordPress rather than configuring it in dashboard???

Please point which is the issue.

Thanks once again.

Moreover, there is no remarkable data cached as I can see in Dash.

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