Cloudflare Caching

Our website is not caching requests. We’re novices at Cloudflare and need assistance.

Last week we updated our products pages and products to have a more “tree-like” structure to perform better in terms of SEO

Inside of my wordpress dashboard and on my browser’s front end (chrome) the changes reflect, but anyone visiting the site or page, who has never been there before is getting the Old/Incorrect link. The old links were built using a “portfolio” plugin and we have since deleted the plugin and associated posts to remove bloat from the backend. So in saying that users are presented with a 404 page error instead of the correct link.

Our hosting provider said that they dont clear cache at server level.

We have installed the Cloudflare plugin and cleared cache using the plugin and also on the Cloudflare dashboard

See below examples

Incorrect Link

Correct Link

Please advise how we can get the proper links to appear on the page?


Thank you for asking.

I assume you are talking about Cloudflare APO for WordPress? :thinking:

Are you using some plugin like Yoast SEO or WP Fastest Cache? :thinking:

Have you tried clearing cache plugin?
How about manually purging the APO cache?
Have you tried using “Purge Everything” from the Cloudflare dashboard → Caching → Configuration? :thinking:

You might want to configure some redirection for those “old” and “changed” links to point them the “new” one, as far as URL structure changed.

Yes that is correct.

We deleted the W3 Total Cache plugin as it caused the site to break last week when we were doing the changes. For SEO we use All-In-One Seo (

This is the step we have tried several times over the last week.

When logged in as administrator, we can see the correct pages. But visitors are unable to

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