CloudFlare Caching Creates Intermittent Wordpress Blank Static Homepage



On a previous post, I reported that my Wordpress site sometimes shows a blank static homepage, which then resolves all by itself. So, depending on when you look at this, you will either see a white page or no problem at all. A reply I received to that suggested that it was unlikely to be CloudFlare. However, I have checked all plugins and these are not the cause, and also selectively purged the ClodFlare cache but this has not resolved the issue.

So, I asked server support. Someone there took a good look and has demonstrated to his own and my satisfaction that it IS a CloudFlare issue. Below is his analysis and feedback. Please tell me what I need to do to resolve this problem. It is a very annoying and persistent one (for weeks now) Thank you.

It looks like this may be cached information being served by CloudFlare for the site I say this because when I bypass CloudFlare completely using a hosts file modification (which I encourage you to test as well) I am able to reach the site normally in my browser.

I additionally checked the PHP and Apache error logs for any indications of errors being thrown on this end when the request comes out to us from CloudFlare, but no errors are being generated in either log that I am able to see or locate. I might suggest clearing the CloudFlare cache as a first step, and possibly asking the CloudFlare team if there is anything they can see on their end to indicate what is happening when the request to our server is returned to them to be passed to the visitor. I do strongly encourage you to implement the hosts file modification that I implemented to test this as I outlined above so you can get a handle on the what we’re seeing on this end.


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