Cloudflare cached my old site

I have a question about the CNAME record.
I’m using Cloudflare as an alias for an AWS CloudFront but I have a problem that I Cloudflare cached my old source code. Although I purge everything in caching => configuration menu, It still loads my old site when I add a CNAME record to the CloudFront domain. (The destination was updated new site).
I do everything I can find. Please give me a hand to resolve this problem.
Thank you so much.

Hello there,

It doesn’t look to be the issue from Cloudflare. You can certainly try the following:

  1. Clear the Browser cached data
  2. Try viewing from the incognito mode
  3. Try the other devices / browsers

Thank you for your answer.
I do everythings you said but the problem doesn’t resolve. If I remove the CNAME record, It’ll be error if I deleted the CNAME Record, but It’s still load my old site if the CNAME record existing.

If you purged everything, then it’s not cached by Cloudflare. Where was your old source code hosted?

It sounds more likely that your domain still proxies to the old site. Here’s more information on that:

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